ANISONG World Tour Lantis Festival In Singapore 2015

I was in the concert hall thirty (30) minutes before the event started. It was held at the The Star Theatre in Singapore. I was amazed at how my seat was surprisingly near the stage. VIP holders were very lucky because they get to see the artists up close; they’re just an arm’s length away. Seriously. My friend was on the phone so I was talking to her throughout the wait, describing what the venue looks like. They played a recording of the house rules in Japanese and English (I think I heard it three times XD). While waiting, they played video clips from the Lantis Festival 2014 in Japan featuring JAM Project.

The MC for the event appeared (her name is Misa if I remember correctly) and welcomed everybody to ANISONG World Tour Lantis Festival in Singapore 2015. She reiterated the house rules and promised to make it quick because she knows everyone is excited. Before the concert proper, everybody took a moment of silence to pay respects to the late Lee Kuan Yew.

And this is it. The moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Photo from the Lantis Facebook page

The concert commenced with a video of the ANISONG World Tour and the artists who’ll be performing in Singapore: ChouChou, Azusa Tadakoro, Ono Kensho, Suzumura Kenichi, Ogata Megumi, OLDCODEX, Chihara Minori and JAM Project. The audience were cheering and waving their lightsticks as soon as they saw their favorite artist’s face. Continue reading


Singapore – My 20-Hour Escapade

Lantis, the famous anime and games record label in Japan, organized a concert tour last August 2014 to celebrate their anniversary called 15th Anniversary Live Lantis Matsuri 2014. It was held in four (4) regions in Japan and countries around the world which they coined “ANISONG World Tour Lantis Festival 2015”.

I’ve always been hooked with anime since I was 5 which led to my interest in Japanese anime songs. That’s why when I heard that this concert will be held overseas (for Japan), I promised myself to attend one. It was a dream come true when Singapore was included in the list of countries where the tour will be held since it’s just four (4) hours away from the Philippines and has no visa requirement. Also, Singapore has been one of the places I looked forward to visiting again (since my first visit in 2012). As soon as the concert tickets were available, I immediately bought my ticket then my flight without second thoughts.

Since this was a spontaneous and impulsive affair, I travelled to Singapore alone. Continue reading

8 Things I Need To Get Going

People, I mean everyone, has needs. No need to check Maslow’s pyramid. Our needs may vary; it can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. There is always a need to fulfill it in order for us to be more productive in whatever we’re doing. Allow me to share what’s on my set of essentials for me to function correctly in this place called Earth. Continue reading

Overdrive: A Noob’s Driving Diary

2014 is a whole year of frustrations brought upon by inevitable unavailabilities, laziness and emotional outbursts. Add up three months of persuasion on sentimental value versus practicality. That year ended with a decision to set aside my ideals of “what looks cool” and move forward with “what works for us”.

Welcome to the overdrive.

From a 1994 Tamaraw FX to a 1990 Nissan Sentra to a 2015 Toyota Wigo, we begin our driving adventure. At this point in time, I still don’t know how to get out there. I don’t have my license yet. What I have is a student permit, few basic driving skills (and I excel at straight forward driving) and extremely short temper. Ray is the one teaching us, Apol and me, and I must say he might be having headaches already (because of me probably *laughs*). Continue reading

Dear Japan – DesignHerStory x Air Asia Blogging Contest Entry

Last August 1, I attended the first ever DesignHerStory conference hosted by Arriane Serafico of In the said event, a blogging contest in collaboration with Air Asia Philippines was announced. They’ll be giving away a free roundtrip ticket to any AirAsia destination of your choice for the best blog entry answering the question: “How will you design your dream solo trip to any Air Asia destination?”.

There’s always have been that one country I want to visit: Japan.

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Can I “really” live alone?

You are now at your early 20s. Congratulations. Maybe you’re telling yourself, “It’s about time.. I need to be independent. I shall leave this house and start living on my own!” Honestly, I was thinking the same way. If I do that, I’ll be able to do what I want and be responsible of my own well-being. But then when the universe let me experience it, all that I imagined of “independence” fell down the drain. Allow me to share to you the three things to consider if you really want to live alone.

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#4 The 2013 Summary

It turned out different than what I thought it would be. A plenty of things happened, mostly unexpected. Some I want to never end, and one in which I wish it never happened.

This was the year I enrolled in a Japanese class. For around two months, I’m lurking around the Oblation’s home to study for three hours every Saturday. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to continue studying for the next modules. It wasn’t in vain though; I managed to pass the course and knew how to write Hiragana, Katakana and some Kanji.

K-Pop bugged me for the first half of the year. I’ve been swooning over CNBLUE and SNSD most of the time. I even bought tickets for the CNBLUE concert last June (but in the end sold them because of fandom reasons). K-Pop brought life to our shop, A! Shop last year, but this year I guess not. Our first convention of the year didn’t meet our expectation of awesome sales. It’s okay, there were other conventions but realized that we need to plan things up a bit.

Healthy living was one of the pegs I had this year. I was a fitness junkie for two months, yes I should be pretty specific with that, when our office offered gym membership at Gold’s Gym. I greeted Zumba and the treadmill like they were family and counted every goddamn calories. I reached my goal but like they say, it should be a lifestyle not a temporary endeavor. Sad to say that my lifestyle includes sugar. Everything.. sugar.

There were a couple of travels this year. My family and relatives from my mother’s side and Ray went to Laiya for summer. Yippee! I was happy to get everyone together and enjoy the heat in the beach. Also, I managed to go to Davao because of my bestfriend, Meg and her family. They’ve been my second family since I can remember and I’m really happy they included me in their trip to Davao. We went to Crocodile Park where I fell in love with the Brahminy Kite eagle. Before the year ended, I was able to go to Baguio with Ray and his cousins, as well as my BlastAsia colleagues, for a wedding. Even if it’s a weekend escapade, we were still able to stroll along Burnham Park, Mines View Park and the Lourdes Grotto. Of course who would forget strawberries!

As the song says, “when people grow, they sometimes grow apart..”, I decided to leave BlastAsia. I know it was where I started my career. Being absorbed to employment during internship is a rare opportunity. For two and a half years, I’ve enjoyed the ride, learned what I needed to and established relationships I never thought I could. If it wasn’t for this company, I wouldn’t have known Ray, played table tennis or started A! Shop. I am really grateful for it.

During my almost-a-month break from work, I couldn’t believe I am once again the girl I was 15 years ago. I’m sooo back in the arms of anime. Almost everyday, I am on series marathon or reading manga. Then on one fateful day, I met Pauline, my twin sister (in fandom). I know we’ve talked way back Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun days because of our common love for Yamaken but when she came across my Free! post, she sent me a message saying I should watch Brothers Conflict too and “bleed with her”. I was like “What even?” and watched and.. bled. There were too many bishounens and I should say a fangirl was born. Not an ordinary fangirl, but a fujoshi too when she made me read Love Stage, my first yaoi. I can’t believe she made me do such things! So we met up at Best of Anime then Octocon then OzineFest Figure Special doing our stuff. I influenced her with a couple of stuff too you know. Hahaha.

In every end is a beginning. My journey with BAI may have ended, but it was also when I decided to take another with Towers Watson Philippines in Taguig. It was weird that my first day started on a stormy day, but it didn’t last on the succeeding days. I now belong to a big team of awesome and talented engineers. My travel time to go to work maybe hell but it was all worth it as soon as I set my foot at the office to work with these people and face the everyday challenges. That’s how much I love being here. So far, so good.

But everyday isn’t rainbows and butterflies. This October, my father fell ill. It was very unlikely for him since he’s the strongest man in my eyes. But sickness can hit on anyone. It was very hard for us to accept but with all our faith for the Lord and my dad, I know he will soon recover. It changed me a lot. I am now living alone. My family moved to Batangas for my father to have a better ambiance for recovery. I’m wishing well for him, my mom, my sister and Cogie (our dog) to whom I see only during weekends because of work. I am the breadwinner of the family now. I am ready to give my all for my family just like how my father sacrificed everything for us.

I can’t believe (really can’t) that Ray and I celebrated our second year together! Weee~ cheesy. Lol. Because of the unexpected turn of events, we just decided to have our anniversary at a cafe in Ortigas instead of a fancy restaurant in BGC. So even if we’re only in our shirts, jeans and rubber shoes and backpacks, we ate the night away amidst the business-attired people. Awesome. I am grateful that he is there and he accepts the fangirl in me. Sorry (not sorry) for greeting Tattsun for his birthday before our anniversary. Yep, Tattsun’s birthday is the same as our anniversary. What up!

Speaking of Tattsun (Suzuki Tatsuhisa), I’m proud to say that I love him. I was engrossed with his voice being the seiyuu of Free!’s Tachibana Makoto. He is also the vocalist of the J-Rock band OLDCODEX. Because of him I discovered other seiyuus and started following them. It gave birth to my fondness of drama cds and character songs. Because of him, I STARTED WATCHING KUROKO NO BASUKE. I know I’m not into it last year (I really hate it) but things change guys. Things change. Hahahaha!

Despite the ups and downs of 2013, I’m still blessed. Even if we spent the holidays at the hospital, I’m still happy we’re together. Even if I left my previous work, I found a new opportunity to be the best I can be. Even if I’m financially challenged, I’m still blessed with chances to travel, have fun and meet people who understands who I really am.

This is my 2013. I lived it with no regrets but with faith that the next year will be awesome.


The past days, I’ve been hearing my mom and sister talking about how my father ‘shows up’ to them or making them feel that he’s just around. I envy that a bit, since I can’t see ghosts or feel them. Maybe, the only means for me to see him is through dreams. Maybe he really is right here, wandering around Earth.. or looking over us.

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#3 Visit

The past days, I’ve been hearing my mom and sister talking about how my father ‘shows up’ to them or making them feel that he’s just around. I envy that a bit, since I can’t see ghosts or feel them. Maybe, the only means for me to see him is through dreams. Maybe he really is right here, wandering around Earth.. or looking over us.

During my father’s wake, my friend Greg, asked me to join the new ministry for our Parish. He said that it will cover the documentation and media affairs of our church. This ministry is a new one and we will be the one spearheading it. I accepted the offer because writing is one of my passions. I was excited when Greg mailed me for our activity on March 1st and appointed me as the Vice-Coordinator. We will be having our first meeting on March 1st to discuss its goals and plans.

And that was when Papa visited me in my dreams. The meeting started for the new ministry and it was being held at the church. My mother was also present and she was busy preparing posters with her catechetical group. While chatting with the members, I saw my father walking towards our direction. I was surprised and happy when I saw him. I rushed to hug him. ‘Papa,’ I remember telling him. He was smiling and he stroked my hair like he usually does. I saw my mother and called her to come because Papa is there with me. I know how badly she wants to see him. “Wag mo ng tawagin Mama mo, may ginagawa ata (Don’t call your mother, she looks busy),” my father told me. “Hindi okay lang yun.. Papa, regular na ako.. (No it’s okay.. Papa, I’m already regularized at work..),” I told him happily. “Eh, deserve mo naman yun e (Eh, you deserve it anyway),” he answered proudly. He hugged me again telling me, “Balang-araw makakapunta ka rin doon (Someday, you’ll be able to go there),” I looked at him dumbfounded. “Saan? (Where?),” I asked. I have no idea what he’s talking about. “Sa Japan (To Japan),” he said. “Talaga? Kelan? (Really? When?)” I replied. I didn’t know that my father knows how badly I wanted to go there. “Sa October? (On October),” he pulled me into a hug again. “Ay birthday pala ni Papong yun. Siguro sa November (Oh, it’s Papong’s birthday. Maybe in November),” then he pulled away. My eyes went looking for my mother again and gestured to come over because Papa looks like he’s leaving. She then went over and they embraced. He was stroking my mom’s hair and told her not to worry too much. I sat on a concrete in front of them smiling. Then everything was coming to a blur, the setting was no more of a church but cabinets and pillows. Papa is no longer there. I cried.

My tears are not because he’s dead and he can’t be with us anymore; I cried because finally, I was given a chance to see and talk to him. During his last day alive, he can’t even recognize or talk to me. That’s why I was emotional when I get to hug him and share the things I’ve encountered, even it was only in my dreams. It means that he is just out there watching over us. He knows my aspirations and how badly I want to achieve it. He is still indeed my father, the first person who always supports and cheers for me; the one who taught me that nothing is impossible.